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2019 Students​ & Teachers

Our students​ score amongst the

top of their classes

"Only after the exams did I realise how fun the classes actualy were"

— Bryan Sawangnet, Student 2018

“Thank you so much!  I did better than I expected and am now in the UK furthering my studies"

— Hu Tinghui, Student, 2018

“I was afraid I might do badly at first. But my reading has improved significantly”

— Eun-Jung, Student, 2018

“The parapgraph planning techniques are very useful. And I have finally understood [it]"

— Marcus Lye, Student, 2017


"It was a class of 8, but the teacher still went over compositions with each of us individually"

— Ang Kai Suan, Student, 2017


“I was surprised at the depth of analysis given by the tutors. Our teacher did not go into such detail”​

— Zhang Xue Qing, Student, 2018

"Hi Jacob, thanks for everything throughout the year. I will always remember your encouragement"

— Audris Ho, Student, 2018

“Although he had to postpone the lesson sometimes, he gave extra lessons as the exam approached”

— Yap Yong Fu, Student, 2017

“Thanks so much for your help! Let's have lunch if you are free”

— Tan Wee Yee, Student, 2018

“We really appreciate your help and guidance. Thanks for everything and more!”

— Rachel Tan, Student, 2018

“I did very well. And I have become more confident in articulating myself."

— Christopher Lim, Student, 2018

“The teacher helped me understand the importance of reading the news"

— Hoong Kai, Student, 2017


"Just wanted to let you know that I've improved and I'm more confident in my English"

— Tania Pang, Student, 2017


“Dear teacher, thank you for all the help and guidance you have given to me the past 6 months”

— Nur Aisyah, Student, 2017


“I guess all the homework that you gave helped me after all!”

— Yu Xiang, Student, 2018

“I had a great time learning from you and Mr. Teng, thanks for being a great teacher”

— Prarthna, Student, 2018

“Your class is the best tuition class I have among all my tuition classes"

— Kuang Wei, Student, 2018


Many of our teachers graduated

at the top of their classes.

Jacob Blacklock
Shaun Soo
Mdm Lai
Fiona Tan
Francois Keyser
Mr. Teng Jia Ping
Different Students Require Different Teaching Approaches 

Some students just want to "do well", others want a crash-course 2 months before the exams.  There is no one-size-fits-all lesson plan. We limit our class sizes because we understand that it is a teacher's personalised assistance which allows students to truly excel. Our teachers are trained to identify with each student and help with a specific problem area. Even within a class, teachers sometimes assign different work assignments to individual students based on their merits. Each student is unique; which is why we communicate with our students on a personal level.


And that's why our students are able to communicate with us. 

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