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Step 2 of 3 - Registration Information


Discount Coupon


If you have a discount coupon, please type your coupon code into the box next to Redemption Code. Your coupon will be applied to the total and reflected in your cart after you click the Paypal button.  Please note: you may only use one coupon per registration.


Terms and Conditions


Please acknowledge the terms and conditions for registration.  The terms and conditions can be read here.  By proceeding, you agree that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions for registration.  

Your Personal Particulars


Please enter your particulars. 


If you are registering on behalf of your child, please list your child's name in the "Other Comments" section.  


Please check that your "Email" and "Mobile Number" is accurate as we will confirm your registration via SMS and email.  

Your details were sent successfully!

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