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Singapore's Most Vibrant G.P. Program


As law students, we pledged a

Code of Ethics to the State.  

Now, as teachers, we help

whom we can, when we can. 


Jacob & Shaun





GP tuition


Lecture Rooms


Students learn best when they are comfortable and relaxed, that's why our rooms are built this way

Small Classes;

Interactive Layouts


Our small class sizes engage individual students and nuture discussions

At GP Tutors Now, every teacher is a scholarship recipient. We actively encourage our students to apply for scholarships when possible (there are numerous scholarships students are unaware of) and we will guide you through the application process. Scholarships are not just a litmus indication of external appraisal, but have very positive effects on student moral and motivation.  A recognized scholarship also distinguishes your resume, giving you an edge in competitive university applications.  We have been through the process, and we will help you get through it.  

Reading is the most important factor in improving your language proficiency. Our teachers will train you to read critically, and think analytically. Reading casually allows us to glean information presented by the text. In contrast, critical reading is the ability to evaluate a piece of text for its argumentative flow, its logical premise, as well as to decipher the author's bias(es) and motivations. Our teachers coach students into intelligent critical readers. We walk students through opinion articles, comprehension passages, and scholarly journals. Students who practice critical reading skills almost always score above their peers in the examinations. 

Doing well in G.P. exams takes a little more than learning fancy vocabulary and reading newspapers.


Paper 1 requires students to have moderate knowledge about relevant contemporary issues, and then (1) identify the call of the question, (2) synthesize arguments both supporting and opposing a hypothetical position, and (3) write an analytical and persuasive discussion of the issue. Similarly, Paper 2's inference questions and AQ requires interpreting the author's main points and a critical analysis of the argumentative premise.  

The G.P. exam can be a daunting paper, but it is possible to score well if you acquire an exam-taking strategy and practice critical reading skills. Let us coach you towards your distinction. Click here to request a Home Tutor.  

Writing is the ability to project and assert your own ideas. The ability to write proficiently and persuasively is invaluable. To perfect your essay, our tutors will guide you in the use of grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, transitional phrases, and paragraphing. Learn to write concisely yet accurately to score at the short questions. Your summary and AQ will be content rich and grammatically flawless. With better students, we may impart advanced writing skills similar to those taught in graduate school.  

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