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Interview with Shaun Soo, GP Tutors Now!

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Studentof the Week
Mavis Teh
Proven Curriculum
92% Grade Improvement;
45% Distinctions*

Think of General Paper and you have probably heard of GP Tutors Now. We are one of a few centres in Singapore that specialises in the General Paper. Students at GP Tutors Now significantly outperformed their peers in the 2012 'A' level examinations, with nearly 5 out of 10 students getting a distinction. Moreover, a remarkable 72% of our JC2 students registered a grade improvement ('C' to 'B' etc.) within the first 6 months of classes. 

tudents at GP Tutors Now significantly ​outperformed their peers in the 2012 'A' level examinations, with nearly 5 out of 10 students getting a distinction.

2012 'A' level G.P. Results 

*Only includes students who studied at 

GP Tutors Now the entire JC2 year

Highly Qualified

At GP Tutors Now, we teach only GP. We believe in teaching one subject very well, rather than teaching multiple subjects 'quite' well. ​We are not an agency selling tutors. Each of us takes personal responsiblity in coaching you.  

Our teachers are also highly qualified. Our stringent requirements mean only a handful of the best tutors are accepted to work with us. They graduated at the top of their classes, and now they coach students towards the same path of distinction. See our teachers.

All of our teachers are 



Learn about
Top Rated
G.P. Exam
Students of GP Tutors Now

Students say our GP Exam Classes made the most difference in exam scores!  Our classes are taught by the founders of GP Tutors Now, three law school graduates who themselves scored straight 'A's in G.P.  They will guide you, step-by step, through the G.P. paper and show you that obtaining a distinction is actually quite achievable.  Class locations here.

Different Students
Require Different
Approaches To Learning

Some students just want to "do well", others want a crash-course 2 months before the exams.  There is no one-size-fits-all lesson

plan. We limit our class

GP tuition

sizes because we understand that it is a tutor's personalized assistance which allows students to truly excel. Our teachers are trained to identify with each student and help with a specific problem area. Even within class, teachers assign different work assignments to individual students based on their merits. Each student is unique; that's why we communicate with our students at a personal level.

In The News
GP tuition

The National Institute of Education (NIE) has launched three studies to answer key questions about the impact of private tuition evening. 

Sep 30, 2013

The Straits Times

GP tuition

Twelve-year-old Christie Ko is a straight-A student who has tuition in Chinese, Maths and English. “If I don’t work hard, my grades will fall,” she says.

Sep 23, 2013

The Straits Times

GP tuition

More university students in Singapore are willing to take a break from the academic rat race to achieve other personal goals.

Jan 3, 2014

Channel NewsAsia


      Thank you so much! I made it!  I've made it to NUS-Yale



— Janice Tan, VJC




Jiamin, RJC

     Your classes taught me so much about planning the compo Qs.  I even showed some of my friends how to plan using the paragraphing technique 



    [The tutor] was professional and never late. He even came during Chinese New Year

Matthew Loo, NJC

— Kewk Ling Li, ACJC



     I really liked the teaching style. And 3 of my friends have now joined the same class

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