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Home Tuition

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 "Self Discipline and Commitment"

— Motto, Tsing Hua University

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Lessons are 2 hours long, once or twice a week



Fees are paid on the first lesson of every 4-lesson cycle (by cash or cheque)


All reading materials and practice papers will be provided


We ask that you inform your tutor in advance if you wish to cancel or postpone your lesson

Your tutor is pivotal to your academic success. Please be polite and respectful to them. 

Our home tutors are also the same teachers that teach in our classes.  Each teacher has to go through three interviews and must fulfill a range of other academic criteria.  Our teachers are academically qualified and experienced at tutoring. See teachers


Our home tuition programme closely follows the core syllabus of our mainstream classes.  Home tuition students also receive our weekly reading articles, and may also seek help from other teachers within the cirriculum group.  


The 'O' level English exam can be a daunting paper, but it is possible to score well if you learn an exam-taking strategy and practice critical reading skills. To find an English home tutor, call us or email us at

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With effect from 1st January, 2015


Sec 1,2 [2015] Students                       Sec 3,4,5 [2015] Students



MOE Teachers                                  $80 — $130 per hour                           $90 — $150 per hour

                                                            ($640 — $1040 per month)                   ($720 — $1200 per month)


Full-Time Tutors                               $60 — $90 per hour                             $60 — $100 per hour

                                                            ($480 — $720 per month)                     ($480 — $800 per month)


Part-Time Tutors                              $40 — $70 per hour                             $40 — $80 per hour

                                                            ($320 — $560 per month)                     ($320 — $640 per month)


**Fees are an approximate guide only, actual fees depend on which teacher is selected and the location.


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Students take private tuition to do well in the exams. We understand this. Our tuition classes are exam oriented and closely follows our class syllabus. Additionally, we are able to give personalised attention to a student's weak areas. Our teachers follow a 4-step teaching process:


Step 1: For Paper 1, we train students to break-down and evaluate the question, define the keywords, recall relevant issues and examples, and then formulate an overall writing strategy. Specifically we train students in argumentative writing techniques required for expository and argumentative essays.


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Step 2: In Paper 2, we teach you critical reading and speed reading methods. We guide students in learning to identify topic sentences and transitional phrases to better understand the writer's points. We also show students how to draw infrerences from the passage and how to correctly paraphrase "in your own words".


Step 3: We give students weekly reading assignments and spend 20 mins of each class going an opinion article each week. We believe reading is the single most important factor in improving your English proficiency. We subscribe to over 10 global newspapers and select articles which we think are most relevant to Singaproean affairs. 

Step 4: We give weekly homework assignments of essays, summaries, and SAQs. In doing these assignments, students will improve their grammar, vocabulary, sentence structures, transitional phrases and paragraphing.  For more advanced students, we will teach you concise and persuasive writing techniques similar to those taught at tertiary institutions.  

GP tuition

 "I was already a pretty good student,

but the tutor really helped me achieve

the level of writing required at higher learning institutions"


           — Yan Ning, Alicia

 2013 'O' level Candidate


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GP tuition

"We practiced a total of 12 exam papers!  

Five papers from the

past 'O' levels and

seven prelim papers."            ― Toh Kuang Wei

                   2014 Student

GP tuition

 "It was a very hectic pace, especially close to the exams. My teacher helped me create a study plan and it helped me organise my time."


          — Sih Ming-Hui, 2014 Student


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