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92% of parents would recommend us to friends and family!

Award Winning Exam Prep & Academic Tutoring

"I was impressed with the syllabus, the content is substantial"  Mrs. June Tay, Parent

Paying top dollars for super tutors




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"A 'Super-Tutor' who

helps struggling students clinch a distinction"



What Our Students Say

"Just wanna thank you for the english tuition for the past few months! It has managed to pull my grade from an S to a A. Thank you!" 


― Celeste, 2016 Candidate

See why our english tuition classes have such a high success rate.

Watch several of our teachers introduce themselves and tell us a bit about their teaching passion. Teachers are the most important factor in your academic success. We constantly work to ensure that each teacher has the requisite experience and aptitude for helping students perform well in English. 


WEEKLY READINGS are news and opinion articles handpicked by our senior teachers and sent to students every week. We pick the most interesting and informative readings to keep students informed of current events and world issues. Learn more


CLASS CHAT is an internet chat forum allowing students to interact with each other. Students and teachers alike can post questions, give feedback and share model essays. Learn more

ONLINE SUBMITTIONS allow you to get instant feedback on your essay that you've written. Simply email or Whatsapp your paper to us and your assigned English Teacher will get back to you within 1-2 days. Learn more


       Thank you for being such an awesome tutor! :) I had a great time learning from you



— Yulin Miu, Student, 2016



— Michael Tee, Student, 2017

       I have learn so much about planning Essay Qs.  Now I'm able to do most of the essay planning within 10 mins or so.  Thank you!



      Thank you so much! I made it into NJC! I have learnt so many things from you, like Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs



     This is our last lesson but I will always be grateful for your guidance!

— Samantha, DHS Student, 2016

— Huilin Tang, Student, 2017

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